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Why You Shouldn’t Try Cheesy Bacon Bombs

Warning: Cheesy Bacon Bombs are deadly addictive.

Cheesy Bacon Bombs! Screen Cap from StokedOnSmoke YouTube Channel

We got this Cheesy Bacon Bombs from BBQ Bros. It’s easy but rock and roll delicious! So why shouldn’t you try it? Here are some reasons why.

Who doesn’t want to prepare simple but yummy snacks or meals for the family and friends? Who doesn’t want to impress friends or someone with your cooking métier?

You Can Run Your Imagination Wild With This Simple Cheesy Bacon Bombs Recipe!

Cheesy Bacon Bombs consists only of three ingredients and vegetable oil. You can change the other two ingredients to whichever you prefer. I had the instant pancake mix instead for the biscuit.

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Cheesy Bacon Bombs Screen Snap from StokedOnSmoke YouTube Channel.jpg
Cheesy Bacon Bombs Screen Snap from StokedOnSmoke YouTube Channel.jpg

The original recipe also had smaller slices of cheese. It’s up to you how you would cook your own bombs!

According to BBQ Bros here are the ingredients they use:

1 can (8 ct.) Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits
1 block of mozzarella cheese
1 package of bacon (I suggest thick cut bacon)
Toothpicks or larger wooden skewers
Oil (I used Canola, but you could use vegetable oil as well)

Wrap the sliced cheese in with the biscuit. Then wrap each with piece of bacon. Fry in 350° oil. When all sides are golden brown that’s when you know they’re cooked. Put on paper towels to drain the oil. Let it cool for a while.

What we know about bacon

Bacon is meat from pork and most often cured. Curing of bacon involves a lot of salt in brine or dry packing. You can have fresh bacon also known as green bacon from these processes.

You can dry fresh bacon for a couple more weeks or months. You can smoke it or boiled. Finally, you can cook the fresh dried bacon often by frying before eating. Boiled bacon is already ready for consumption. Smoked bacon can also be ready to eat but often cooked before consumption.

Bacon is often from the side and back slices of pork. Yet in United States and Canada it is often from pork belly.

In Europe these pork slices are not smoked but used in cubes called lardons. They use lardon as a cooking ingredient. It ‘s value is because it is source of fat and also for its flavor. In Italy bacon is pancetta.

Bacon has always been everyone’s favorite except for the vegetarians of course. Why you shouldn’t try it? Because it’s simple preparation but enslaving taste will make you a Cheesy Bacon Bombs addict.

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